Acrylic plates are full and naturally transparent materials. More commonly known as plexiglas. They can This is the
only plastic material that has natural UV protection. Large selection of panels, neutral, overflowing, white, lighttransparent and transparent, with shiny or matte surface, offer great application for different purposes and designer
needs. PLEXIGLAS plates can be extruded or cast (cast). Each production process provides different technical
parameters. Experience has shown that molded and extruded panels can be used interchangeably. In any case, the
final selection of the board type will be done depending on the purpose, technical requirements and price.
Transparency unmatched (92%, maximum transparency of any material physically possible)
Excellent resistance to UV rays and various atmospheric effects
Excellent resistance to many corrosive chemicals
Simple mechanical and thermal treatment
Certified for contact with food products
They are easy to recycle
The use of Advertising:
Backlit illuminated panels and panels (backlit), lighting installations (lamps), display stands, racks, shelves, etc