Kapa foam
Foam panels with polyurethane filling for lamination and direct printing FOAM-X and ART-FOAM cardboard
sandwich panels are filled with polyurethane foam, which is why Decay during processing. The cores are covered on
both sides with a cardboard lining. The boards are highly represented on the market and for many years now they
seem to be excellent Advertising medium. They are perfectly straight, light and easy to handle. The versatility of the
panels allows you to select the appropriate plates for a specific application.
• Low weight
• Good cruelty
• Excellent acceptance of the press
• Resistance to glue and paint on a solvent basis
• Can be laminated
• Temperature resistance (30 sec. / 100 oC and 15 sec. / 160 oC) • Flat surface • Easy to operate
• Hanger
• Signs, posters
• Presentations, advertisements
• Stands
• Exhibitions, shop window
• Screen printing substrate
• Digital printing labels
• Application with photos
• Scenography and theater